YS Regulator on OS 32F

It has been a difficult task for me to set up the YS Regulator System on a ordinary motor that has a fuel narrowing down at lowest idling speed type carburetor.

It does not gain the rotation from lo to high with smooth transition after using fuel ,half amount of the tank, strange motor phenomena happens in a second half. The reaction is exactly same on OS 25 LA motor, I thought the criminal of this strange reaction must be the pressure timing, it was followed after YS 45 FS, so, uncertain reason would be the reason. This is why I left them untouched for long time of period, determined I this morning to take out long thrown away OS 32 F motor burdened on Rookie 25, I had experienced that there exists the critical angular position on the regulator that start to loose the rotation while middle speed operation.

Today, I set the regulator at that point first of all and checking the transition middle to hi,, high speed needle valve and a slight regulator adjustment were well balanced with some keen sense and highest concentration.

With highest power and torque, OS 32 F motor could pull well enough to draw F3A P17 maneuver twice and the landing sequence did not require any anxiety to stop the motor as a matter of fact, this is first time to be operated like this with YS Regulator System.

Consequently, I have enough confidence to set up the System on any motors no matter how a Tuned Pipe might be equipped or not.

Now, the dark cloud stayed in my mind so long time was wiped out thoroughly into fine and brilliant blue sky.